Posted by: Asher Roth | November 6, 2009


This morning, I awoke to some news that amused me to no end. And no, it wasn’t the fact that the White Sox and Royals engaged in the most useless trade I’ve seen in awhile (Teahen for Getz and Fields…yuck).

It appears that Tim Lincecum, the strikeout champion of the National league two years running, is a stoner. Last week, Lincecum was busted on misdemeanor charges for possessing less than 4 grams of weed, as well as a pipe, in his car. He was also nailed for speeding.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Americans: lock him up. Ban him. Take away his Cy Young Award. PUT AN ASTERISK NEXT TO HIS UNHOLY NAME!!!

Or, we can look at it logically.

Marijuana is not, by any means, a performance-enhancing drug. If Lincecum pitches high (and I very seriously doubt that he does), the only benefit he may get from the THC would be a calm demeanor, and he may not get hindered by high-pressure situations.

Lincecum’s mistake here, of course, was getting caught. Think about star athletes from a logical perspective. Yes, they are rich, but they are human beings as well. Most athletes are known to drink in between games, which you may argue would affect the body’s performance more than weed would (hangover?). But look at major league baseball players on the whole. They play 162 games over a 6 month span. And, the season has been over (for Lincecum and many major leaguers) for over a month now. What is the harm in having a toke in the off-season? And I’m making a blatant assumption here, but I’ll bet you Lincecum isn’t the only one. We all know baseball is one of the only major sports where you can be blatantly out of shape, and still succeed (Boomer Wells, CC Sabathia). Don’t sue me for defamation, fellas, but I’ll bet those guys have taken a toke or two in their lives. There is no end to the guesses we could make here, but my point is I am sure Lincecum is not alone.

And has it hindered his performance? Well, the reigning Cy Young Award winner has a 33-12 record over the past two seasons with a sparkling 526 strikeouts over that span (and 1.2 strikeouts per inning, 8.1 per start). Clearly he’s doing something right.

I think if this story teaches us anything, it is perhaps that the case for the legalization of marijuana takes whole new meaning now. I mean, let’s face it, the list of athletes to make the cover of the “Weedies” box is looking pretty nice right now, with Lincecum, Ricky Williams and Michael Phelps right at the top. These are all incredible athletes who thrive in situations of high pressure. And weed smokers (who enjoyed the experience, anyway) can attest that from the first time they try it, it changes their entire outlook on life, and takes the edge off the modern “FML” mentality that people take on when they’re under stress. Ricky Williams can fly. Michael Phelps can as well, and does so on the world stage, consistently well. Lincecum, same thing.

Trust me, getting caught for steroids is far more devious, and far more major league stars have been pegged for that. If this busting of the Giants ace has accomplished anything here, making me lose respect for the man is not anywhere close. If anything, it just adds to my list of bonehead moves by JP Ricciardi, who thought that it was not worth giving up Alex Rios to acquire Tim Lincecum.

Oh hindsight… how you never fail to make a true Blue Jays fan cry…




  1. Well put, Mr Roth.

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