Posted by: Peter Houston | November 10, 2009

Milton Bradley to the Jays?

AA-Milton-Bradley As you can clearly see in my beautiful display of art, there is in fact truth to the rumor the Jays are trying to acquire Milton Bradley. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be a bad pick up for the Jays. They could loosen up for batting practice with some Twister or have some fun making streaks of 4 red disks in Connect Four because they won’t be making any streaks of 4 Ws anytime soon. Also, Milton Bradley seems pretty successful so maybe the move will allow the Jays to increase payroll.

Wait, the Jays want to acquire this Milton Bradley? Are you kidding me?

All jokes aside, when the rumors first circulated about Bradley-for-Wells, it obviously wasn’t because the Jays actually wanted Bradley. The transaction would clearly be a swap of two unwanted players. The Jays were unloading an albatross of a contract and the Cubs were dumping a clubhouse cancer. My reaction was, why not? Anything to get Wells’ contract off the books seems like a good deal to me.

But then this happened. I realize the Cubs are trying to get rid of Bradley and the Jays are willing to shop Overbay, but really? Overbay only has one more year at $7 million and Bradley has two at $21 million total. In terms of straight up stats, is Milton Bradley even an upgrade from Lyle Overbay? He has a .277 career average and .450 SLG%. Overbay is a career .279 hitter with a .449 SLG%.Not to mention Bradley has created problems on almost every team he’s been on. He’s the T.O. of baseball. Didn’t AA say he wanted to build an organization around high quality employees on and off the field?

There are other questions that need to be addressed. Who would be the Jays first baseman? Randy Ruiz? Adam Lind?? Carlos Delgado??? (what?)

Did I mention Bradley’s always injured? Did I mention he has the temper of a 5-year-old? Is this the veteran leader the Jays want in the clubhouse? Didn’t the Jays already have problems in the clubhouse? Did I mention this deal better not happen?



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