Posted by: Peter Houston | November 24, 2009

Media problems continue

From the Toronto Star:

“Also, lurking in the background, is the issue of free agency. The Jays have said they will not be off-season spenders. But there is a school of thought that the Jays could be surprise suitors for Trail, B.C. all-star left-fielder Jason Bay.”

Give me a break.

Who wrote this? Someone needs to be held accountable for rumour mongering. A “school of thought”? What does that even mean? Can I at least get a source-close-to-the-Jays-who-spoke-on-the-condition-of-anonymity? No? Not even?

Didn’t AA explicitly say he’s not going to be active in the free agent market? Didn’t Bay just turn down 4 years, $60 mill from the Red Sox? Why would the Jays want to pick up A THIRD left fielder whose defense is almost as bad as the Raptors? I guess third times the charm.

The article gets even worse:

“Bay has already refused a four-year, $60 million (U.S.) offer from his current club, the Boston Red Sox. If the Jays are willing to go to five years for the 31-year-old, he might be the signing to assuage fan anger at the loss of Halladay.”

Fan anger? I’m pretty sure every Blue Jays fan from this person to the Torontonians who casually wear Jays hats and think Raul Mondesi is still on the team understand the Jays need to trade Doc. Sadness? Yes. Anger? No. My prediction is that when (yes, when) Doc gets traded, the streets of Toronto will burst out into a rendition of this timeless classic. Maybe not.

Either way, the bottom line is WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE?

So many questions, so little answers.



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