Posted by: Peter Houston | December 7, 2009

Winter Meetings 2009: Halladay to the Rays?

I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, which I thought I would never do, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s awesome. It’s basically a way of collecting up to the minute news on any subject(s) you want. Twitter is the first place sports writers and reporters update their news. Instead of having to write a whole article/column/blog post, they just update their Twitter status in 140 characters or less, also known as “tweeting”. For those who crave the most up to date news in the world of sports, Twitter is a must. Twitter is especially useful to track rumours and speculation, and now that the Winter Meetings are upon us, it has proved invaluable.

As far as the Blue Jays go, there has been no major news to report thus far, but a few interesting tidbits to pass your way.

Jon Heyman of tweeted (reported) that the Angels are still in play for Doc, but only if he’ll agree to sign long term. Heyman said that Joe Saunders could be used as possible trade bait. This seems to go against Will Carroll’s report a couple days ago that Halladay would only approve a trade to a team that trains in Florida, which the Angels don’t. He wrote that training in Florida is “absolute”. I can’t imagine training in Florida being a deal breaker if the Angels and Jays agreed to a deal, besides, how much more picky can Halladay get?

Jordan Bastian, the Jays’ beat reporter for, has tweeted a lot of interesting information today. He wrote that AA used Day 1 of the meetings to talk trades on multiple fronts. Apparently, he has talked to 3-4 teams with 3 more meetings scheduled for today. Bastian also writes that the Jays aren’t looking for a long term solution at catcher because they believe J.P. Arencibia is their guy. Wow, he better learn some discipline at the plate and turn around those minor league numbers quick. Basitan also tweeted that AA has talked to a rival GM about a potential 3 team deal.

After writing that last sentence and checking Twitter, Bastian re-tweeted (posting someone else’s tweet) Jon Morosi from Fox Sports that a NEW AL East suitor has emerged in the Halladay sweepstakes. Believe it or not, it’s the Rays. Looks like this could be the 3-team trade Bastian was talking about, because Morosi writes that the Rays could offer up Wade Davis and B.J. Upton and then flip Upton to a third team. It’s ridiculously early at this point, but still very interesting.

Apparently AA is taking his first Winter Meetings very seriously. He’s limiting the number of people in his suite for any talks to 1-on-1s or 2-on-2s, so if any rumours get out, he knows where they came from. He also told teams that they need to come to HIS suite for any talks. Bastian said AA is nursing a cold and has a sore throat, maybe from talking serious trades all day long. Mike Wilner from the Fan 590 said that AA is afraid other GMs will catch his sickness, and people will know who he’s been talking to.

I don’t know about you, but this is painting a rather odd picture of the Winter Meetings for me. GMs tip toeing around a hotel, looking both ways before slipping in and out of suites, closing the door quickly behind them, only speaking in person in fear of tapped phone lines, whispering in the hallways,  going room to room via the fire escape in order to avoid reporters, who are also lurking around the hotel like a pack of starved animals looking for food, asking GMs the same questions 1000 different ways, pressing their ears up against random doors, trying to catch wind of any rumour they can. I’m sure that’s not what it’s like at all, but it’s funny to imagine none the less.

More updates to come…



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