Posted by: Peter Houston | December 9, 2009

Twintter Meetings: Day 3

It’s Wednesday in Indianapolis and all through AA’s suite, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Actually, AA has probably been one of the busiest guys at the meetings, but that was just a fancy way of saying there isn’t much Blue Jays news to pass your way. Step your game up, @MLBastian.


Should the Jays take the Angels offer, assuming Bob Elliott isn’t lying? (Wondering what the offer is? Scroll down to 8:05). It might be the best they get. I certainly would rather this deal than no deal at all, but I’m still hoping for something better. Heyman tweets that one competing GM (not sure what that means, maybe a GM from the AL?) said the Jays should take it. Probably doesn’t hold much weight because he likely has no idea what the other offers for Doc are like, but it’s still interesting to see what the feeling is around the league.

Looks like Bastian had a good conversation with Cito today. He said some reasonable things and then some questionable things. He said Rzepczynski had a great year, which he did, and said if he can pitch like that again he’s got a spot in the rotation, but that’s kind of a no brainer. He also said at this point, Jose Bautista figures to be the leadoff man. At first I thought this was ridiculous, but then I thought about it a little bit, and really, who else is going to hit leadoff? If you look at the Jays OBP stats from last year it goes 1. Ruiz (imagine) 2. Scutaro (gone) 3. Overbay (most likely going to be traded/imagine) 4. Lind (a 5-year-old would understand you don’t bat Adam Lind leadoff) 5. Scott Rolen (gone) 6. Jose Bautista (.349 OBP). Now, most major league clubs hope their leadoff hitter gets on base a little bit more than 35% of the time, but it’s not awful. And I’ll say it again, who else? Encarnacion? Alex Gonzalez? Travis Snider? Vernon Wells? Raul Chavez??? So, as the roster is set now, Jose Bautista makes perfect sense as the leadoff hitter, but here’s hoping that will change.

Then Cito started saying silly things. He wants to hit Hill 3rd and Lind 4th next year. Their numbers suggest they should be 3 and 4 hitters, but numbers aren’t everything. As much as I love the guy, Hill’s not a 36 HR hitter. I’m feeling nice so I’ll give him 30 this year. I think he’s an excellent number two hitter and that’s where he’s had success, so leave him there. He also does all those little things number two hitters should do well like move runners over, productive outs etc. The big issue with the lineup change is Lind hitting 4th. He pretty much straight up said he doesn’t want to. Cito: “but I know Lind, even in high school and even in college, he said he’s just never really hit well in the fourth spot.”

“It’s kind of in his head a little bit — that spot is not too good for him.”

Don’t move him to cleanup then. I think we’ve got to give Vernon one more shot at the # 4 spot. There’s a chance his dreadful numbers last year were injury induced, and I still have faith he can still be productive. Give him a shot to prove he’s still got it, and if not, throw someone else in. Just not Adam Lind.

Or Kevin Millar. (How embarrassing is it that Kevin “.223 AVG, .363 SLG” Millar hit cleanup for the Jays last year)?


Bastian just tweeted that according to a Major League source (very vague), since Doc is a free agent after 2010, he might be willing to waive his no trade clause to go to the Angels.


Wow, browsing the internet for Blue Jays news is a lot more fun than studying for exams. In this current web browsing procrastination session, I’ve found something very interesting.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun says there is an offer for Doc on the table from the Angels. He says the Angels have taken the lead in the Halladay sweepstakes by offering P Joe Saunders, SS Erick Aybar and speedy AA centre fielder Peter Bourjos. Hmmmmmmmmmm. After thinking about it for one minute, I don’t like it. Erick Aybar is definitely an above average all around shortstop, but I have my questions about Joe Saunders. He looked like he was shaping up to be an elite pitcher in 2008 and the start of 2009, but fell off and finished the season with a 4.60 ERA. He’s also going to be 29 at the start of next season, not exactly a young pup, but the Jays would have control over him for three more years. Peter Bourjos’ stats look pretty similar to Austin Jackson’s (who will now be the Tigers opening day CF). Bourjos doesn’t hit for much power, but he can run (82 SBs in the last two years). I would much rather Joba or Hughes, Jesus Montero and another piece. But who’s to say the Yankees would even do that? Maybe this is the best offer the Jays will get. I’ll leave it to AA to judge.

One problem: the Angels train in Arizona, not Florida. Remember the reports that said Halladay wouldn’t approve a trade to a team that trains outside of Florida? Well, it looks like Elliott asked a major league exec for their thoughts and they said:

“Let me ask you this, do you think that the Angels would be running through hoops, having one conversation after another with the Jays and not know whether Halladay would report to Los Angeles?”

Probably not.

Either way, looks like AA’s fortress of secrecy has been breached.


Apparently Cito has been talking to the media at the meetings, but from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly useless. As usual, AA is keeping quiet, but he did tell Bastian that it’s unlikely the Jays will get any deal done at the meetings. Lame.

Heyman tells us, about 8 hours after Bastian did, that the Phillies are back in the mix for Doc. I was really hoping the Jays would get something done with the Phillies at last year’s deadline because they have a nice crop of prospects (Michael Taylor, Dominic Brown, Kyle Drabek), so this is good news. For those of you keeping score, the somewhat-realistic-list seems to have narrowed down to Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Phillies.


Heyman says Yankees still interested in Lackey or Halladay. He says the Jays asked for Montero, Joba or Hughes AND MORE for Doc.

Uhhh…ya AA, you better have.

As I write, Heyman tweets that Yanks are meeting with Lackey’s peeps soon. If they land Lackey, I’d say the Red Sox are obliged to trade for Doc.


Bastian gets his feet wet and tells us not to rule out the Phillies just yet. “They pushed hard for Doc in July and are quietly still in the mix.” Key word: quietly, just the way AA likes it.


One reporter who seems to be on his grind is Joel Sherman of the New York Post. He wrote an interesting column about the how the Yankees are still more than in the hunt for Halladay, even after the Granderson deal. He has also tweeted that the Jays love Montero (I thought so, I do too) but they see him as a 1B instead of catcher, so Yankees would have to include Joba or Hughes in the deal too. I guess first baseman are more dispensable than catchers, so it makes Montero a little less valuable, but if there’s even talk of Joba or Hughes not being included, my question is: are you serious?

In other the-Yankees-made-a-move-but-not-for-Halladay news: they re-signed Andy Pettitte to a one year, $11.75 M deal. Sherman doesn’t think this will affect the Halladay hunt. He compares this offseason to last offseason for the Yanks, where C.C. and Burnett were their priorities, but then they ended up signing Teixeira as well. He says Doc is this year’s Teixeira for the Yanks, with Granderson and Pettitte being the C.C. and A.J.-like priorities. The way Yankees GM Brian Cashman convinced Hal Steinbrenner that getting Tex was necessary was by saying that if they didn’t get him, the Red Sox would. Same type of deal applies for Halladay.

So, it appears there hasn’t been a “market crash” as Jon Heyman rashly concluded. But in the time it took me to write this post, the Twitter world has probably exploded with rumours of Doc to the Nationals or something…

Stay tuned, the top of this page will be updated when anything interesting happens.




  1. Thanks for the updates. Im raising my hand becuase i think its kool.

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