Posted by: Peter Houston | December 10, 2009

Twintter Meetings: Thursday

AA has left the building. But, there’s no shortage of Blue Jays news.


Ken Rosenthal confirms that the Angels and Phillies have emerged as the frontrunners for Halladay. Apparently, the Phillies “are offering a package of young players, likely including left-hander J.A. Happ and one of two outfielders, Domonic Brown or Michael Taylor.” Very interesting.

Rosenthal writes that the Jays are still weighing three and four team scenarios, and if they accepted the Angels offer, would likely send Joe Saunders packing. Makes sense.

Earlier today, one of the last and least exciting aspects of the Winter Meetings got under way, the Rule 5 draft. According to Will Hill at, the draft is so important that AA left Indy before it even started. The Jays selected reliever Zech Zinicola from the Nationals’ AAA team, the Syracuse SkyChiefs (sound familiar?). I suggest that if you prefer NOT throwing up, DON’T go to his stats page. Enough said. The Jays also selected Ruben De La Rosa, in the Minor League part of the draft, from the Nationals. So, let me get this straight, AA left the meetings before the draft, and our next in line, assistant GM Dana Brown, came from the Nationals organization and we picked two players from the Nationals’ farm teams. Either the Jays really didn’t care about the draft and just chose a couple guys they (Brown) were familiar with, or Brown has been watching these guys for a few years and sees potential.

One development that has got me relatively excited is the rumours the Jays are somewhere in the vicinity of signing Joey Gathright. Sure, he’s only got 1 HR and a .263 AVG in 1175 career ABs in 6 seasons, but he’s fast. And he can jump. Actually, Bob Elliott reported earlier that the Jays had in fact signed him. That was later shot down by Tony LaCava (“We haven’t finished anything. We’re talking to him and his agents, as are other teams.”), which brings into question Elliott’s credibility. Unfortunately, he was also the one who told us about the Angels offer for Halladay. Should we believe him?

Looks like Elliott couldn’t handle some criticism, and blocked the Drunks from following his Twitter account.

To end things off on a positive note, this quote from LaCava on AA:

“He’s relentless. No stone unturned, as you guys know. I promise you, he’s working really hard.”



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