Posted by: Peter Houston | December 14, 2009

A Philadelphia house call for the Doc


Jon Heyman tweets that a three-way deal sending Roy Halladay to the Phillies, Cliff Lee to the Mariners HAS BEEN AGREED UPON. The Phillies are trying to sign Roy to an extension right now. Is it really over?

. . .

Take this with however many grains of salt you want, but I think it’s certainly good news and a definite sign of progress.

From Phillies beat reporter Andy Martino:

“Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay and his agent have checked into a Philadelphia-area hotel, according to two Inquirer sources.

It is not known if a trade sending Halladay to the Phillies is imminent, but if Halladay and the Phils are negotiating–as is indicated by the pitcher’s presence in Philadelphia–that would suggest that the Phils and Blue Jays are far enough along in talks for Halladay to discuss a potential contract extension with the Phils. Halladay has one year remaining on his contract before becoming a free agent.
The Phils have long been linked to Halladay, and were actively involved in trade talks last July, before the team acquired lefthander Cliff Lee from Cleveland.”
CSN’s Jim Salisbury reports that the Phillies pursuit of Doc “appears to be reaching a boil,” and “Two baseball sources told Monday that the team is actively talking about a contract extension with representatives for the 32-year-old righthander.” One of those sources said Halladay is likely to have a physical exam with Phillies’ medical personnel some time this week.
Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi over at report that the deal being discussed is potentially a “three-team blockbuster.” They speculate on various scenarios, but say that the imminent John Lackey signing with the Red Sox likely has the Angels involved, presumably to pick up Cliff Lee. Heyman just tweeted the Lackey deal is 5-year, $85 M, similar to A.J. Burnett figures. That’s double bad news for the Jays. First, it likely puts the nail on the coffin for a Halladay-to-the-Red-Sox deal. Also, since the Red Sox have signed a better type A free agent, the compensation pick we get from Red Sox for sigining Scutaro drops by more than 30 spots. Frustrating.
Joel Sherman from the New York Post hears that Halladay is willing to take an extension worth less than the Sabathia or Santana deals to play for a winner/train near Florida (Phillies). Heyman responds by tweeting “cliff lee told phillies “no discount.” halladay may be willing to come for less than santana. deal appears at hand.”
More to come.

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