Posted by: Peter Houston | December 14, 2009

Roy Halladay traded to the Phillies

To Toronto:
Brett Wallace
Kyle Drabek
Travis d’Arnaud

To Philadelphia:
Roy Halladay
$6 million (from Toronto)
Phillippe Aumont
Tyson Gillies
Juan Ramirez

To Seattle:
Cliff Lee

To Oakland:
Michael Taylor



  1. I love this trade. Losing one of the best Jays of all time is not what you want to see, but at least we are probably getting some very legit players in return.

    Remember when Baltimore traded Erik Bedard for Adam Jones, George Sherrill and a bunch of other prospects. I bet the Mariners wish they still had a five tool masher like Jones.

    Big contracts work out like 1% of the time. If anyone can make one worthy it’s Roy, but I wouldn’t like the odds.

    The last thing thing the Jays need is another Vernon Wells contract.

  2. It would have been nice for the Jays to get Aumont, if only for the marketing possibilities; a real Canadian star to spark a wee bit of interest.

    Although then there would be pressure for him to be a saviour, sort of a figurehead for the trade where now there’s three very good prospects to add to the system.

    Hopefully it turns out better than the Johan Santana trade for Toronto.

  3. The mariners got the best deal out of it lmao

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