Posted by: Peter Houston | January 6, 2010

Chapman Update

Update -Sunday

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports informs us that Chapman has agreed to sign with an unknown National League club for $30 million. He followed up that report with a tweet that said “Narrowed it down: It’s an NL Central team. Cincinnati making more and more sense. Reds “going after him like crazy,” team source said.”

Say goodbye to Chapman, Jays fans.


A little tweety bird has a few interesting Chapman tidbits to pass our way. Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Jays are the favourite to land the lanky lefty. He adds that they have money to spend since they sent Rolen, Rios and Doc packing. Jon Heyman tweeted that the Jays have a “decent shot” of signing Chapman.

. . .

Start getting your hopes down. Or start complaining that blog rumours attributed to anonymous sources are bullshit. Either way, Sports and the City writes that “According to inside source, word has it, from The Beest himself, that the Jays have offered Chapman $15 million. And that’s as far as they’re willing to go.”

$15 M will undoubtedly be inadequate.

. . .

The Drunks, who either have Spanish people tipping them off or use their advanced language skills to casually browse Spanish Dailys, discovered an article from the El Neuva Herald (translated version here) that claims the Marlins are out of the running for Chapman because they couldn’t compete with the Jays’ $23 M offer. However, they likely only spoke to Marlins sources, so don’t bank on it being true.

However, this offer seems to make a lot more sense considering the Red Sox offered Chapman $15.5 million back in November.

Stay tuned.


Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Angels are “trying like crazy” to sign Chapman.

. . .


According to Juan Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel, Aroldis Chapman is expected to sign in the next three of four days. One source told Gonzalez he expects Chapman to sign with the Angels or the Blue Jays for around $21 million. The Marlins apparently upped their offer, but it likely won’t be the highest one. They’re hoping their South Florida location will lure him.

By my guestimation, Chapman will end up with the Angels. He’s been tied to them for awhile and they’re trying to upgrade their rotation after losing John Lackey. Also, fellow Cuban and Angels first baseman Kendry Morales has become close friends with Chapman.


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