Posted by: Peter Houston | January 14, 2010

And in Blue Jays news…

Some stuff happened. I’d be lying to you if I said it was overly interesting. But still, it happened, and the Blue Jays nation deserves to know. Ok, let’s start the show.

Jays sign four players to Minor League deals

Your newest Jays are: left-hander Willie Collazo (30), infielder Jesus Merchan (28) and outfielders Jorge Padilla (30) and Chris Lubanski (24). All of them also got an invite to spring training.

Collazo has a career minor league record of 52-52 with a 3.96 ERA. And he’s 30. Don’t hold your breath.

Merchan has a career minor league average of .296. Last year, between all three levels of the Indians’ organization, he hit .306. But, he has no power (24 HR in 3118 ABs, .388 SLG) and no speed (52 career SBs).

Padilla actually hit .367 last year in AAA. But when he was called up to the bigs, he hit .129 in 29 games. Over his 12-year minor league career, he’s hit .289/.356/.414.

The Big Lubanski, the youngest pup of the litter, also isn’t very good. In seven years in the minors, he’s hit .278/.344/.466. Any big numbers he ever put up were either rookie ball or class A.

JP on TV

You read correctly. IF Management is “excited to announce that we’ve signed Former Toronto Blue Jays General Manager JP Ricciardi for broadcasting (TV/radio) representation.”

He’s always had a knack for saying controversial/stupid stuff to the media, so he’ll probably do good in TV. I wonder who his entourage will be?

The Return of the King (isn’t happening)

After Ed Price reported that the Jays were in Puerto Rico scouting King Carlos himself, any chance of a return has been shot down by party pooper Jordan Bastian. According to his major league source, “[Carlos] Delgado doesn’t fit into the Blue Jays’ plans.”

The part that sucks is he’s right. Look, we all love Carlos, but it’s just not gonna happen. Where would he play? DH is taken by Adam Lind, who I hope to God isn’t going back in the outfield anytime soon. The reports are he’s not moving well, so rule out 1B.

Also, imagine how one dimensional the Jays lineup would be if Delgado somehow squeezed in. Think of how many left handed bats they would have, likely in a row. Lind, Overbay, Delgado, Snider. Wallace also hits left handed. It just wouldn’t work.

Jays top prospects, updated

Batter’s Box, an awesome site for Jays minor league news, has Baseball America’s updated top 10 Blue Jays prospects list. Drum roll please…

  1. Kyle Drabek, RHP
  2. Brett Wallace, 3B
  3. Zach Stewart, RHP
  4. J.P. Arencibia, C
  5. Travis D’Arnaud, C
  6. Chad Jenkins, RHP
  7. David Cooper, 1B
  8. Henderson Alvarez, RHP
  9. Jake Marisnick, OF
  10. Josh Roenicke, RHP

Can’t say I’m too surprised. Good to see d’Arnaud all the way up at #5, didn’t really see that coming. Also nice to see Zach Stewart up there (he was #1 before Drabek and Wallace got here) to at least give us hope we got a good deal for Rolen. On a more negative note, David Cooper sucks.


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