Posted by: Peter Houston | January 28, 2010

State of the Farm – January edition

Remember when we had one of the worst farm systems in the MLB? Well, apparently trading the best pitcher in baseball can change that pretty quickly.

According to Keith Law, the Jays’ farm system now ranks 16th in the league. That’s a pretty drastic improvement. A big reason for that jump is Kyle Drabek and Brett Wallace, the two key pieces sent to the Jays in the Doc deal. Law said without those additions (don’t forget about d’Arnaud) and the ones from the Rolen trade (Roenicke and Stewart), they’d be ranked 30th, or in other words, dead last.

Drabek and Wallace have instantly been labeled, by Baseball America, the Jays’ best and second best prospects respectively. But just how good are they?

The MLB released its top 50 prospects list yesterday, and Wallace and Drabek came in at 16th and 17th (they were the only Jays prospects in the top 50). Not too shabby. For those of you who followed the Halladay trade rumours fairly closely, it was kinda nice to see Wallace and Drabek ahead of the Yankee’s Jesus Montero (19) and Boston’s Casey Kelly (28).

Something that really sticks out for me is Michael Taylor’s rank. For those of you who don’t know (shame on you), Taylor was one of the three players the Jays acquired in the Halladay deal from Philly. In a separate deal, he was swapped straight up for Brett Wallace.

It’s always interesting to see one top prospect traded straight up for another. There’s always the excuse “we needed a corner infielder and they needed an outfielder” but deep down, both teams think they are getting the better player. Only time will tell if AA outdueled Billy Beane, but as of now all we can go by are the projections. And the projection from today, the MLB’s top 50 prospect list, has Brett Wallace ranked 16th and Michael Taylor 35th.

Advantage, AA.



  1. Whos numero uno on the top prospect list?

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