Posted by: Peter Houston | March 5, 2010

Day 3

There will be no rubbermatch between the Jays and the Tigers today, as the Jays host the Phillies. That’s right, Doc’s Phillies. He won’t pitch today, but he’ll be there, in the other dugout, haunting us. Curse of the Docbino.

On a more positive note, Brandon Morrow gets his first chance today to prove he belongs in the rotation. According to John Lott of the National Post (where are you Bastian???), Morrow gets the start, Lance “TKO” Broadway (guy who allegedly punched a girl and hospitalized some other guy in the same incident) will make an appearance, along with Purcey, Carlson, Janssen and Accardo.

And apparently the Jays are also playing a “B” game today, and some young studs are studding it up. Brad Mills pitched 2 innings, allowed 2 hits and struck out 4. Chad Jenkins also pitched 2 scoreless innings, allowing a hit, with a strikeout and a walk. David Cooper also homered, but that doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure Brett Wallace is our first baseman of the future.

More updates to come later…

OK, so this isn’t an update, but I just thought of it. Has anyone seen those “Buck Martinez is coming back as play-by-play guy” commercials on Sportsnet? Give me a fuckin break Buck. I can’t find any links to it online, but it’s basically just him sucking up to us with some BS “I love the Jays, I love Toronto” and giving a completely uninspiring outlook for the season “It wasn’t easy last time (winning WS) and it’s not gonna be easy this time”. Thanks captain obvious. Couldn’t they have just shown a clip of him saying something awesome or hilarious when he was a colour guy? Judging by this gem I found on YouTube, maybe it was a good idea they didn’t. I hope you know what team you’re calling this year Buck.

Anyway, back to baseball…

Lineup (fairly standard):

1. Bautista, rf

2. Hill, 2b

3. Lind, dh

4. Wells, cf

5. Overbay, 1b

6. Buck, c

7. Gonzalez, ss

8. Emaus, 3b

9. Gathright, lf

. . .

Result: Jays win 14-9. They are now 2-1 in spring training! Playoffs! In all seriousness, this was a great day for Jays bats. As for the pitching, not so much.

The Good: Jose Bautista was 3-for-3 with 3 runs and 3 RBIs, including a leadoff homer against Cole Hamels. Ya, ya Jose, we all know you can hit lefties. But still an impressive game. Aaron Hill continued his quest to become the OBP king. After taking some heat for his .330 OBP last year, he now has 4 walks in his 5 plate appearances. He got a hit in his other plate appearance, so he’s batting 1.000 as well. Also, Randy Ruiz went 2-for-2, Lyle Overbay had a base clearing double and Brad Emaus went 2-for-2 with a RBI.

The Bad: Mostly pitching, obviously. Except for Brandon Morrow, who started the game, went 2 innings and didn’t allow a hit, while striking out 2 and walking one. Purcey got lit up for 7 hits and 3 runs in 2 innings, Carlson got knocked for 3 runs in one inning and Accardo let in a couple in his only inning of work. Cut, cut and cut. Not really, but c’mon. The only hitter who you could argue really struggled today was Travis Snider. 0-for-2 with 2 K’s. I’m not mad, I’m just….disappointed.

Overall, it was a good showing. Looks like the bats are starting to shed their rust. Jays are back in action tomorrow against the Yankees. Check back here for the analysis.



  1. Carlson/Broadway is the true lefty/righty platoon in the Jays bullpen this year.

  2. platoon in the bullpen, or the Don Jail?

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