Posted by: Peter Houston | March 19, 2010

Some stuff to get irrationally excited and concerned about

Should we start with the good news or the not so good news? I usually like to end things on a good note, so let’s take a look at some stuff Jays fans will be unnecessarily losing sleep over.

Brandon Morrow was scratched from his start today because of a “sore shoulder.” According to the Jays’ website, Morrow said the shoulder soreness is something he’s dealt with the past couple of springs. He didn’t seem too concerned about it, but he does have a history of injury issues so we’ll keep our eye on it.

Dustin McGowan threw 1.2 scoreless innings at AAA today, allowing 2 hits, 2 walks and striking out one. The only cause for concern is that he topped out at 88 mph on the gun. McGowan said to Bastian “It was a struggle today, but I got through it. It’s just more fatigue it seems like. I haven’t thrown this much in awhile.”

This could arguably classify as encouraging news, since McGowan is back throwing in real games putting up decent numbers, but the 88 mph worries me. McGowan said he was tired today, but was he throwing 88 from the first pitch? If so, it can’t be fatigue that’s stolen his heat. And it’s not fatigue, what stole it and will they ever give it back?

In other disappointing news, Brian Dopirak was optioned to AAA. He was putting up decent numbers this spring, but I think it was always Ruiz’s spot to lose. And Ruiz is simply on fire. I still want to see Overbay traded so Dopirak can get a shot in the bigs.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get excited about stuff that’s not really worth getting excited about.

Travis Snider. OK, I’m not going to lie, this is worth getting excited about. He belted 3 homers in 2 games this week, and upped his average to .290 in the Grapefruit League. Apparently he made some sort of adjustment with his hands in his batting stance at the start of spring training, something he was reluctant to do last year. I was a little bit worried he was going to turn into one of those “uncoachable” hot shots, but it looks like he’s finally making some adjustments. The adjustment of his hands probably had something to do with his slow start, but I’m going to come to the conclusion that he’s figured it out and I’m going to get excited about it.

John Buck also launched a couple bombs against the Orioles. Good. I’m going to let it get to my head and predict he hits 20 dings this year.

Jeremy Reed went 2-for-3 against the Astros today (.394 on the spring), and also swiped 2 bags. He’s definitely putting in a strong case for the final bench spot. His only real competition appears to be Mike McCoy, because Joey Gathright is “hitting” .179.

That’s all for now. Mark Rzepczynski gets the start tomorrow against the Braves.


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