Posted by: Peter Houston | March 27, 2010

Fancy Frasor?

Big ups to the Blue Jay Hunter for the picture

It looks like Cito’s going to make at least one good decision this spring. After dumbfounding the majority of Jays fans by favouring Brian Tallet for the gig as 5th starter and labelling Lyle Overbay as the everyday first baseman*, it looks like he’s going to get it right with the closer.

According to Bastian, Cito said yesterday that he’s leaning towards giving the duties to Jason Frasor. There has been some internal disagreement at Jays Balk as to who should be the closer, but I think this is the right decision. Why? Well, I went over most of the arguments in the post below. But now, there’s another reason.

According to a report from John Paul Morosi, the Jays are trying to move either Frasor or Jeremy Accardo. There have been rumours all spring about the Jays dealing a reliever,  but now the word is that they want to ship a right hander specifically. It would be easier to deal Frasor or Accardo because they’re owed less money than Downs ($2.65 M and $1.08 M as opposed to $4 M) and the Jays don’t want to leave Jesse Carlson as their only lefty in the ‘pen. So how does this make Cito’s impending decision to make Jason Frasor the closer an even better one? Well, the way I see it, it only increase his trade value. Giving up your closer as opposed to your set-up man or even middle reliever has to be worth somethin. But the real good news is that this spring has become a serious sellers market for relievers. Joe Nathan and J.P. Howell have gone down and the Mets and Cubs are in desperate need for set-up men.

As for what the Jays might get in return, that remains to be seen. Ken Rosenthal wrote a column a few days ago about what the Jays might try to get for either Frasor or Downs, but it really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. He said they’ll try to use George Sherrill’s deal at last year’s deadline as precedent. But they probably won’t get a prospect as good as Josh Bell because Frasor and Downs aren’t as good and only have a year left on their deals. Rosenthal also speculates that AA won’t be shy to offer them arbitration next year to get picks if they sign somewhere else.

Point is, the Jays won’t settle for half-ass prospects in return for Frasor and Downs (they might for Accardo). If Frasor does indeed becomes the closer, like he deserves, maybe the Jays can weasel a little more for him. Touché Cito.

*If you’re NOT dumbfounded by these moves, you should be. It’s this simple: Brian Tallet should be the long reliever, with either Dana Eveland or Brett Cecil as the 5th starter. Lyle Overbay should be platooning with Randy Ruiz (since my Brian Dopirak campaign has gone down the drain).



  1. I could not agree more! Frasor should be our closer. What do you think of the trade rumours circuling around him though?

    Furthermore, I also agree that Ruiz should be the star first-basemen, he’s proved himself this ST!

    In terms of our pitchers, I was shocked that Tallet was chosen, but he should do alright. I’m a Cecil and Morrow and Eveland fan though, so who knows what will happen.

    I was actually hoping that McGowan would be back by this point, but evidently, I was so wrong!

  2. I like Randy Ruiz as much as the next guy, but you really ought not to be shocked by Overbay getting the call at 1B. Frankly, it was never in doubt. And considering we’ve got Edwin E5 Encarnacion over at 3B, the Jays need Overbay’s defence more than ever. Plus, it makes sense to play Overbay and showcase him as trade bait, considering his contract is up.

    As for Tallet, I’d prefer him in the bullpen too, but I don’t mind that he’s starting. Cito loves his vets, and if Tallet starting means some of the kids get some more work in the minors, that might not be a bad thing either.

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