Posted by: Asher Roth | April 5, 2010


1:58 – Here we go, the very first live balk. Unfortunately, because I’m a poor student, I had to take a 4-10 work shift this afternoon, so I will have to leave at around 3:30. What can you do.

I see Jamie Campbell has been relegated to studio duties.

I also see that the Sportsnet opening theme song has gone to shit. When will Rogers get it right? It just puts the key Jays players in front of a very plain screen with no exciting highlights. Oy..

Also, has it occurred to anyone else how good Buck Martinez has it? Major league ballplayer, turned long time broadcaster that was creditable to call colour on the Triple Play games in the early 2000s, turned Jays manager from 01-02, turned play by play man.

I can’t begin to tell you how many personal dreams that covers for me…

2:07 pm –

FIRST INNING – first pitch is a strike, Bautista pops it up, there’s a shocker.

Anyone wondering why the Rangers are wearing red again? They just can’t figure out if they wanna be red or blue. It’s madness!

Early analysis of the broadcasting: No shock here: Buck Martinez seems inclined to say the things that a colour guy would say. Look for Pat Tabler to start fighting for time on the broadcast, and for Buck to forget when he’s supposed to come in.

Holy mackinaw! Adam Lind with the first hit of the ’10 season!

V-Dub still shaking in his stance, but is a little more calm.

NO WAY!! Vernon Wells 2-run jack!! One at-bat in, and he’s already proving me wrong.

PH: Did I not say V-Dub was going to have a bounce back year? DID I NOT SAY HE WAS GOING TO BE THE ONLY ALL-STAR FOR THE JAYS???

That was on a low and outside pitch too. Alright Vernon, you win this time.

Lyle Overbay has a trucker  handlebar stache. Why?

Blanco evidently can’t play d. Overbay gets on with a routine grounder.

Apparently my coach from when I was a kid in house league was right: Keep your rump down low. Also, you catch the ball better when your glove is touching the ground…

Buck Martinez’s call “And it’s out of here!” Not bad, not original, but not bad.

John Buck with a lame pop-up. Inning over.

Before I boil some water: Let me add that the one dream I have never had is for a guy to charge me at home plate and end my career with a concussion. Still he has it pretty damn good.

Bottom 1st: Just like everything on opening day, we’re looking way to much into every at bat, every pitch, and even every call by Buck. Let’s relax a little bit, this is 1 out of 162.

That said, Marcum strikes out Borbon, I smell a CY Young.

How dirty does that changeup look?


Encarnacion drives one fairly deep to centre, and Gonzalez pops one up in the infield…sign of things to come.

Snider works himself into a 2-0 hitters count (really?) but then proceeds to get jammed by the next two pitches, and fouls out.

Marcum beans Vladdy with the first pitch of the bottom of the inning, and Vladdy does not look pleased. That looked somewhat intentional if you ask me… is there any history there? I can’t think of anything.

WHO SAYS TRAVIS SNIDER CAN’T PLAY D? Nelson Cruz hits a soft liner to left and Snider takes a bad route to the ball, but makes up for it with a lovely diving catch.

After starting off the inning by nailing Vladdy, Marcum gets bailed out by some nice D. Good catch by Snider, then a nice 3-6-1 double play started by Overbay. Top of the order due up in the 3rd.


Scott Feldman does not look good, I’m sorry. He’s not locating anything, he’s not throwing hard and his stuff doesn’t look especially good. How are people seriously picking the Rangers with him as their “ace”? He retired Bautista and Hill, but both of them hit the ball hard.

But he didn’t have the same luck with Adam Lind. How good of an at-bat was that? Lind gets himself in an 0-2 hole, then fouled off a couple pitches and doesn’t offer at anything of the plate. After working the count back to 2-2, he launches a line drive home run to right field. 3-0 Jays. Vernon Wells follows up with his second hit of the night, a single up the middle. Doesn’t look like his Dad’s doing so bad either. Anyone see those biddies he’s posted up with?

Marcum 1-2-3. Dirty.

If Buck says the word “confidence” one more time, well, let’s not go there.


Since it’s opening day, let’s take a look at some of the “on pace for” stats.

-Vernon Wells and Adam Lind are on pace for a1.000 AVG, and 324 HR.

-Shaun Marcum on pace for a no-hitter season with 200+ Ks.

-Lyle Overbay on pace to have the meanest handle bar mustache in history.


Feldman’s retired 7 straight…but who cares? He’s being out duelled by Marcum, who’s rockin a no hitter through 5.


Marcum still looking dirty. Through 6: no hits, no runs, no walks, 6 strikeouts. Roy who?

It sounded like someone just started heckling Marcum. Made me think of the “Hinske BABY” guy from Tampa. Anyone remember him? I miss him.


No-no is no mo’. After walking Josh Hamilton, Vladdy goes opposite field off Marcum. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 down.

WOW. Nelson Cruz just looked like he was throwing the bat at the ball to try and get a piece of a pitch on the outer half. Result: opposite field homer. Game tied 3-3.


Bautista casually walks to 1st.  Aaron Hill gets his first hit of the afternoon as he doubles down into the left feild corner.

Intentionally walk Lind. Bases loaded for Vernon, One out.

Base hit, Bautista comes in!

Overbay strikes out looking, where was Randy Ruiz?

Downs sends them down 1-2-3.


3rd strike out for Snider this afternoon. He looks petrified at the plate. He was late on pretty much every fastball thrown to him.


Frasor comes in and blows it up. Couldn’t get anybody out. Ruins a great start by Shaun Marcum. I’m not gonna get too excited about Lind/Wells/Marcum and I’m not gonna get too down about Frasor, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling it’s gonna be a long year.



  1. Woo!

  2. You need to get another list going, of words that Buck Martinez decides he is going to make his own pronunciations for.

    I’m a fan of “phenAAmenal” and how he says “Encarnacion”.

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