Posted by: Peter Houston | April 8, 2010

Light your V-Dubs

No need, because he’s already on FIRE.

Not only has he hit 4 homers in the first 3 games of the year, he’s been hitting in the clutch. Boo-hoo, Vernon hit .205 with runners in scoring position last year. Cry me a river. So far this year he has:

1. Hit a homer in his first at bat of the year.

2. Driven in the go-ahead run in the top of the 8th off Neftali Feliz, who is absolutely lights out.

3. Hit a go-ahead homer in the 5th inning of game 2, followed by a ninth inning solo shot to pad the lead for a needy Jason Frasor.

4. Hit a GAME TYING homer in the top of the ninth, which sparked a 3-run rally to seal a Jays victory.

Suck it haters.

But Vernon wasn’t the only Jay playing like a hero today. Ricky Romero spun 7 strong innings, allowing just 5 hits and 1 run. What was most impressive was his ability to work out of jams. He also looks like he’s improved his command a lot this year, only walking 2, and getting ahead of most hitters.

Mike McCoy also deserves some props after he was inserted into the lineup a couple hours before gametime for Aaron Hill. He filled in more than admirably, notching his first big league hit in his first at bat, then added an RBI single up the middle in the 9th. He had a few grounders hit to him at second and looked comfortable making every play.

Jo-Bau and Overbay (who is currently winning the nicest handlebar mutsache competition, scroll down a couple posts) added their first hits of the year, and A-Gon had a couple as well.

Now for the not so pretty. Jose Molina. Where do I begin. 0-3 with 3 Ks, one after he failed to lay down a bunt to advance runners at first and second with no outs. He was also an embarrasment defensively, and almost cost us the game when he forgot how to catch the ball. He let a Romero pitch go all the way to the backstop (should have been a passed ball, not sure what the ruling was) which allowed the Rangers to go up 1-0 in the bottom of the 7th. He missed a couple others and eventually Cito got fed up and pinch hit John Buck for him in the 9th.

Travis Snider also looked like a lost puppy out there today. His swing has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and he just simply can’t catch up with anyone’s heater right now.

All in all, it was a great comeback victory for the Jays led by Mr. Not Clutch himself. The whole series should be really encouraging for Jays fans, mostly because their starters all had great outings against a great lineup in a hitters ballpark. Tomorrow, the Jays travel to Baltimore for the first of a 3 game set. First pitch is at 3:05. Word has it Sam Cosentino will be filling in this weekend as play-by-play man, but I’m not sure if he starts tomorrow or not. If Buck’s still around, I might start a count for how many times he cuts Tabler off. Anybody see the post game wrap-up? Awkward.



  1. Taking a look at Vernon’s game log from last year is sweet. He has put together a better three games than pretty much any month last year.

  2. Ben he has more home runs than he hit in any single month last season…

  3. And that’s not to mention he now has MORE THAN 1/4 the homers he hit last season.

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