Posted by: Peter Houston | April 12, 2010

Booes, lose and booze

That’s how I would describe tonight’s home opener for the Jays. Booes, and lots of them, rained down on Alex Rios. Lose: the Jays fall to 5-2 after blowing another save opportunity in a home opener. And booze, lots of it, is what I need after watching that bullpen performance.

To be fair, the bullpen wasn’t completely terrible. Shawn Camp and Scott Downs combined for 2 innings of shutout relief. But as for Frasor and Accardo… ugh.

Frasor lost the Jays the game on opening day and blew the lead again tonight. You learn something new everyday, Jason: Don’t leave fastballs over the plate, even to number 9 hitters who average 12 homers a year. You might learn something new tomorrow, Jason: You’re not the closer anymore.

I’ll tell you one guy who is NOT going to be taking over for Frasor: Jeremy Accardo. He worked a solid 10th, but in the 11th he gave up a RBI triple to none other than number 9 hitter and Blue Jays Killer extraordinaire, Mark Teahan. He also allowed a couple other baserunners and looked really shaky. Forget 2007 when Accardo had 30 saves, Kevin “G’d up ready to die” Gregg is first in line to replace Frasor (he already has 2 saves this year). Is it too early to pull the trigger? In my mind, yes. Is it too early to start talking about when Cito will pull the trigger? Obviously not.

With all this kerfuffle over the bullpen, I almost forgot about our fabulous #2 starter! Brian Tallet = 6 innings, 6 runs. When is Cito going to realize that “battles hard out there”, “eats innings” and “gives us a chance to win” just doesn’t compare to “has good stats”?

But believe it or not, some good stuff happened. The Jays touched up a pretty good pitcher in Jake Peavy. John Buck almost hit the ball into Lake Ontario. V-Dub launched his league leading 5th homer of the year. And the Jays are still in first place in the AL East.

What’s somewhat impressive about the Jays early success is that they’ve been able to do it without arguably their best player, Aaron Hill. He hasn’t played since the second game of the season, and earlier today was placed on the DL retroactive April 8th. Expect to see him next Friday against Tampa.

To fill his roster spot, Jeremy Reed was called up from AAA Las Vegas. But that made me wonder, how are the other young pups faring in Sin City?

For starters, Jeremy Reed was just 3 for 14. It’s only 4 games into their season and a little bit too early to put any weight on these stats, but for what it’s worth:

-Brett Wallace is 4 for 19 with 2 HR.

– J.P. “John Buck Jr.” Arencibia is 3 for 15 with 3 RBI.

-Brian Dopirak is 7 for 20 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI.

-In their respective starts, Ray Gonzalez worked 6 innings and allowed 2 earned, Brad Mills went 6 with just 2 hits and no runs and Brett Cecil went 5, giving up 2 runs.

It looks like the Jays have a pretty good squad down in Vegas this year. Expect to see at least a few of these names up with the Jays before the season’s over. Since I’ve had to tear up my last couple Pro Line tickets and all this talk of Vegas has got me in that gambling mood, I’ll give 3-to-1 odds Wallace is up in September. Any takers?



  1. I was devastated last night over the game, sure it’s still early, but it bothers me that the Frasor blew both of our games that we lost. We could be 7-0.

    I don’t understand why they left Tallet in for as long as they did. Yes Cito, he does eat up innings, but when he is doing as terribly. I knew we were going to lose the game the moment Accardo was put into the game. Put Janssen in and let him get another win.
    Unfortunately, the Yanks won today so it turns out that we’re only tied for first, and could potentially go into 2nd/3rd by the end of it. Vernon is actually off to a great start, which is amazing, and now trade rumours are up and going. As soon as the Jays have something good going… let’s get rid of it.
    I would have preferred to see Reed over Wallace or Dopirak, but alas, it seems that Cito seems pretty set on the players he chooses.

    I was surprised they put Ruiz in last night. I was hoping he could get that Homer and prove himself so that Cito may put him in today. Forunately Bastian claims Cito plans to play him tomorrow instead of Snider / Overbay. I hope he picks Overbay.

    I’d also like Cecil called up soon, and hope that it happens even before Wallace. Therefore, I’ll take that bet. I’m always in a gambling mood.

    Go Jays Go!

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