Posted by: Peter Houston | April 18, 2010

When should the Jays call up Brett Wallace?

Brett Wallace, arguably the biggest piece* that came to the Jays in the Halladay trade, has big expectations. Bigger than his thighs. And so far he’s lived up to them, and then some.

As of today, he is hitting .303/.395/.697 in 9 games at AAA. Throw in 4 homers for good measure. That early success, combined with Overbay’s struggles (who from now on will only be referred to by his batting average), has already started talk of when the big boy will get the big league call up. The way I see it, there are 3 important dates to consider in this decision:

1. April 19th – If a player makes their major league debut after April 19th, they won’t earn a full year of service time. That means that their free agency is delayed by an extra year. But don’t expect Big Baby Brett to be sitting by his phone on April 20th, cause Mr 0.82 will still be around.

2. a)  July 31st – The trade deadline. The reason this is important is because the Jays will be shopping Mr .082. I don’t think that’s any secret. If they can get something back for him (at this point I’d take a washing machine) it could clear a spot for Wallace.

b) August 31st – The waiver deadline. Teams can still make trades after July 31st, and up to August 31st, but it’s always smaller names because the guys have to clear waivers. Once they do, teams are allowed to work out a trade. Or, in the case of Alex Rios, you can just simply put a guy on waivers and someone else can pick them up and take on their contract. Could definitely be an option for Mr .082.

3. Late May/early June. Ok, this doesn’t qualify as a date, and it should probably count as #4, but bare with me. If a player is called up before then, they could potentially earn enough service time to qualify as a Super Two. For those of you who don’t know, and are too lazy to click on that link, a Super Two is a player who has between two and three years of service time but qualifies for an extra year of arbitration. To be classified as a Super Two, the player’s service time has to be in the top 17% of all players with between two and three years. It’s estimated that if you’re called up before late May you’ll probably qualify. Pretty much all a Super Two means is more money, so teams try to avoid them as much as possible.

All of this considered, I will be livid if Brett Wallace is not the starting first baseman on September 1st, if not August 1st. The minimum I’m willing to accept is a platoon with Randy Ruiz. Mr .080 (he just grounded out weakly to the first baseman) has got to go. And when he does, Brett Wallace has got to get the call. He turns 24 on August 26th, so it’s not like he’s THAT young. He put up great numbers at AA and for two different teams at AAA last year. So far this year, he’s proving the Pacific Coast League is amateur hour.

Bottom line, he’s our first baseman of the future. On August 1st, or September 1st, Big Baby Brett will be ready. Send Mr 0.80 packing and remind him not to forget his shaving kit, but it’s not like he’s been any better post-Fu Manchu/Hadlebar mustache anyway.

Oh ya, one last thing Big Baby Brett. We traded Doc for you, so no pressure or anything.

*It is NOT arguable that he is the biggest piece physically



  1. I’d like to see Wallace up here soon. As to your indication re: getting a washing machine for Ovebay, I’d take a Bounce Sheet… Okay, okay, so a little harsh, but these past few games have been frustrating for me to watch (back to the Jays I remember from last season). Oh, and there’s a BIG error… who did it? That’s right Overbay…. I’m fed up! Please Wallace, come save the day, we may have big expectations, but at least Jays fans will feel better than to have Overbay there.

  2. Great piece Pistol. Wallace should be here soon. Do you think the Jays will be smart enough to call him before you boy B-Dop (or whatever it is you call him?)

    Also, is Big Baby Brett a reference to the movie ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’? If it isn’t this is a huge coincidence haha.

    • I remember you guys recommended I see it, but I actually never did. Huge coincidence haha

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