Stupid things Rance Mulinikis has said

This is by no means intended to be a complete list. It was only started after Mulinikis uttered one of the most ill informed pieces of analysis I have ever heard in my life (the first quote on the list). I consider it slander against knowledgeable baseball fans everywhere. Free Pat Tabler. Or Darrin Fletcher.

– Something along the lines of “Yuniesky Betancourt has great range and a great arm.” His range rating in 2009 and 2008? -18.7 and -13.5. His UZR? -20.5 and -12.6. In those years he was statistically the worst and second worst defensive shortstop in the major leagues.

-June 16 at San Diego, on an errant throw from Ricky Romero to Lyle Overbay, Rance refers to Overbay as “Olerud”.

-In the same series, Rance says the Padres could use another hitter that can hit good pitching. Who doesn’t? (Assist to



  1. “a little bit of a riverboat gambler if you will”.
    April 19 vs. KC
    In reference to McCoy almost getting picked off trying to steal. Unbelievable.

  2. I’ve wanted to do this for years

  3. Pat Tabler should be the only Jays analyst. I can’t stand Darrin Fletcher. There will definitely be more quotes to add to this list as the season goes on.

  4. mulniks spent a good 45 seconds last night discussing how angels pitcher saunders should ‘deal’ to the jays batter in a 3-2 count….the count was 2-2 the whole time….however the all time worst quote by a jay’s analysit has to go to jesse barfield who embarassingly reffered to an onfield conflict as ‘bridge under the water’

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