List of Jonathan Paul Arencibia’s nicknames

– J.P. “I’m not a bust, I swear” Arencibia

– J.P. “Don’t call me Ricciardi” Arencibia

– J.P. “The Sandman” Arencibia

– J.P. “Arrhenphobia” Arencibia

– J.P. “Air In Sybia” Arencibia

– J.P. AAArencibia

– J.P. “John Buck Jr.” Arencibia

– J.P. “Free me” Arencibia



  1. J.P. “The Sandman” Arencibia.

  2. And to stretch it even further, “arrhenphobia” is the fear of men.

  3. the sandman sounds dope, just becuase hes a catcher. you balkers better start using that one

  4. J.P. AAArencibia

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